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'salem's lot, a farewell to arms, a princess of mars, again, all tomorrow's parties, and staci, ask the dust, at the earth's core, babel-17, be cool, beasts of tarzan, by reason of insanity, carrie, carson of venus, cat's cradle, chelsea, chessmen of mars, chloe, christine, chronicles by bob dylan, conjure wife, coraline, count zero, courtney, cujo, dad, dangerous visions, daredevil, deathbird stories, demon, dermaphoria, dog soldiers, east of eden, elric of melnibone', etc.), factotum, fiskadoro, gods of mars, ham on rye, hannibal, harlan ellison's watching, hell's half-acre, hollywood, hollywood lullaby, huckleberry finn, hugger mugger, idoru, jungel tales of tarzan, kiss me judas, land of terror, libra, llana of gathol, lost on venus, mastermind of mars, mona lisa overdrive, mr. paradise, neon rain, neuromancer, night, night watch, of mice and men, pattern recognition, pellucidar, penny dreadful, pirates of venus, pollen, post office, pulp, really?), red dragon, return of tarzan, sanctuary, shatterday, silence of the lambs, silk, silver wariors, skeleton men of jupiter, slippage, slob, so far), son of tarzan, song of kali, spiderman, stone cold, strange wine, sunset express, sunset limited, swords of mars, synthetic men of mars, tanar of pellucidar, tarzan of the apes, tarzan the terrible, tarzan the untamed, the big bounce, the contortionist's handbook, the eternal champion, the fantastic four, the forgotten man, the godfather, the grapes of wrath, the hunted, the monkey's raincoat, the shining, the stand, thor, threshold, thuvia maid of mars, timequake, tishomingo blues, titan, tropic of cancer, tropic of capricorn, underworld, virtual light, vurt, warlord of mars, wizard, women


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